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February 3, 2000

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Minicuddles, the Pet of the Day
Name: Minicuddles
Age: 26 days old
Gender: Male
Kind: Violet Chinchilla
Home: London, England
   This is Minicuddles! I own his mom and pops. They are Pikachu (standard carrying violet female) and Cuddles (Violet male). Minicuddles is their second litter, they had a litter of three standard greys in September. Minicuddles is an only child but he doesn't seem to mind. He loves following mommy and daddy around and trying to copy what they do. He squeaks when his mommy and daddy nuzzle him, he also cries when he falls off one of the wooden shelves so someone will comfort him. He is very adventurous. He will pester mommy for food when he is hungry, but at all other times he is usually hopping around the cage (very quickly) up and down the shelves and nibbling on food and the various toys or sleeping. He is very very cute and the spitting image of his daddy, but in miniature - hence the name ;-D

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