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Bun Bun the Dutch Rabbit Bun Bun
Dutch Rabbit
Tennessee, USA
February 01, 2000

KC the Elenora Cockatoo KC
Elenora Cockatoo
Salinas, California, USA
February 02, 2000

Minicuddles the Violet Chinchilla Minicuddles
Violet Chinchilla
London, England
February 03, 2000

Barley the Rat Barley
Hampshire, UK.
February 04, 2000

Dandy the African Grey Parrot Dandy
African Grey Parrot
Winterswijk, the Netherlands
February 05, 2000

Tim the Palomino Tim
New Jersey, USA
February 06, 2000

Marshmellow the Fuzzy Lop Marshmellow
Fuzzy Lop
New Brunswick, Canada
February 07, 2000

Floyd the Vietnamese Potbellied Pig Floyd
Vietnamese Potbellied Pig
Inglis, Florida, USA
February 08, 2000

Buttercup the Sable Ferret Buttercup
Sable Ferret
New Jersey, USA
February 09, 2000

Riker the Quaker Parakeet Riker
Quaker Parakeet
South Carolina, USA
February 10, 2000

Chester the Shetland Pony Chester
Shetland Pony
Casper, Wyoming, USA
February 11, 2000

Glutton the Toad Glutton
South Florida, USA
February 12, 2000

Jingles the Mini Jingles
Dallas, Texas, USA
February 13, 2000

Kona the Umbrella Cockatoo Kona
Umbrella Cockatoo
Arizona, USA
February 14, 2000

Squeek the Hooded Rat Squeek
Hooded Rat
Brooklyn, New York, USA
February 15, 2000

Kinky the Ferret Kinky
Ontario, Canada
February 16, 2000

Daisy the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Daisy
Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
Walkerton, Ontario, Canada
February 17, 2000

Emily, Olivia the Cows Emily, Olivia
Plant City, Florida, USA
February 18, 2000

Spike the Bearded Dragon Spike
Bearded Dragon
Missouri, USA
February 19, 2000

Ace the American Quarter Horse Ace
American Quarter Horse
New York, USA
February 20, 2000

Kiwi the Quaker Parakeet Kiwi
Quaker Parakeet
Minnesota, USA
February 21, 2000

Shabu the Dwarf Lop Shabu
Dwarf Lop
Canberra, Australia, USA
February 22, 2000

Tiggy the African Pygmy Hedgehog Tiggy
African Pygmy Hedgehog
Danvers, Massachusetts, USA
February 23, 2000

Opus the Pacific Parrotlet Opus
Pacific Parrotlet
Inverness, California, USA
February 24, 2000

Star the Chinchilla Star
Maryland, USA
February 25, 2000

Jessie the Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit Jessie
Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit
Franklin, Massachusetts, USA
February 26, 2000

Petie the Cockatiel Petie
Fairfax, Virginia, USA
February 27, 2000

Takara the Orca Takara
Sea World, San Diego, California, USA
February 28, 2000

Princess the Australian Pony Princess
Australian Pony
Geelong, Victoria, Australia
February 29, 2000

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