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December 29, 2000

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Rainbow, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rainbow
Age: One years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Long Tailed Parakeet
Home: Malaysia
   Hi there, I am Rainbow. I am one year old and I was adopted by a very loving and caring family when I was just five month old. I am a long tailed Parakeet from Malaysia. I have a lot of brothers and sisters, although all of them are different. I have five sisters and twelve brothers, they are Ariel (ferret), Ashley (Hamster), Eliza (iguana), Goosie (goose), Black Beauty (fan-tailed pigeon), Thumper (Rabbit), Snowy (Rabbit), Igey (iguana), Duster (Hamster), Frost (Fan-tailed pigeon)... and a lot more.

    I'm never lonely in this family because I can always talk to my brothers and sisters. I will always try my best to get the most attention from my daddy (Nelson) and my mommy (Amy). I always imitate my sisters and brothers to annoy them and I love, doing that the most to my brother Toby (cockatiel). Although I don't know how to talk properly, daddy is giving me lessons every day, he even bought me tapes to listen and to practice.

    I always fly about inside the house and I often get lost, so quite often I "poo" on the furniture instead of the bathroom. Although dad doesn't get angry but mom will, she will always mumble when she cleans my poo poo up.

    This year for Xmas dad put up a wonderful Xmas tree and it has all our photos on it so its really colorful. Daddy even told me that if I be a good boy, I can get a great gift from Santa, but I was wondering, does Santa know what I want?

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