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December 26, 2000

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Leia, the Pet of the Day
Name: Leia
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Sable Ferret
Home: Long Island, New York, USA
   Leia is just one of those ferrets you have to love. No matter what type of trouble she gets into, she can always get away with it just by her cute face. She's four years old now and starting to mature (She doesn't get into as much trouble). She also has gained some weight (as my vet says "she's living the good life"). She still loves to play chase and dig on the carpet. But her favorite game is to play fetch with her "black squeaky toy." (At one time it was a tool used for blowing dust out of cameras and keyboards until she stole it from me three and a half years ago and claimed it as hers.) She'll play for hours chasing it and bringing it back to you to throw again. You know she's done playing when takes it under the couch and calls it quits. She's a joy to have as a pet and she wears her mask well, as she is a "little bandit."

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