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December 11, 2000

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Speedy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jeepers
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Umbrella Cockatoo
Home: San Antonio, Texas, USA
   Hi! My name is Jeepers and I am a two-year-old umbrella cockatoo. I live in San Antonio Texas with my large family. My Mom's name is Dawn and my Dad's name is Tony. I have a brother and sister, Derek & Ayla. My other siblings include an annoying little Chihuahua, Pie, and a beautiful boxer, Tiger. We also have three cats, Bandit, Awful & T-Paws... and we have two ferrets, Farah and Fanta. As you can see I have to be extremely demanding to make sure that I get all the attention I deserve!!! I believe that I am special because my Mom said so. She is always saying what a beautiful bird I am. I am Mommy's first big bird and I am a little spoiled. I love to yell my Momma's name when she is not paying any attention to me. One of the funniest things I do is to bark at anything that moves outside of my window. I have learned to imitate the annoying little Chihuahua that I mentioned earlier. I sound so much like her that she sometimes gets in trouble for barking and I am the guilty party!!! Ha Ha Ha!!! One of my favorite things to do is to cuddle up with my Mommy and Daddy in bed at night. I can stay there for hours being petted and loved. I sometimes fall asleep under the covers and my parents have to wake me up to put me to bed. What a life!

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