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December 10, 2000

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Speedy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Speedy
Age: 35? years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Three-Toed Box Turtle
Home: Redwood City, California, USA
   This is our pet, Speedy. She is a Three-Toed Box Turtle. The photo was taken when our grandson left his goodies on a tray on the carpet while he went to wash his hands. Speedy took advantage of his absence and, Good Bye Burger! Speedy eats almost anything but seems to have a particular fondness for junk food. We acquired Speedy over 30 years ago, for free, from a pet wholesale house. Her shell was cracked she was deemed unsellable. A second problem that she had was, her shell never continued growing, and her body kind of outgrew it, but we didn't mind, we loved her anyway. She has been living free, inside our home for over 30 years. We estimate she was at least five years old when we got her. She is continually sneaking out from under the furniture and pulls the laces of your shoes and tries to carry them away. Of course, the result is that your shoes are now untied. She must think they are food. She finds her food and water dish with no problem and also seems to make a pit stop in our cat's dry food dish. Occasionally we find her floating in the cat's water dish while he stands back watching. She is very healthy and has clear, sparkling brown eyes. She is definitely part of the family.

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