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December 4, 2000

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Tegan and Sage, the Pets of the Day
Name: Tegan and Sage
Age: Four, Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Berkshire Blacks
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   Tegan (on the left) and Sage (on the right) are my sweet loveable ratties. I rescued them from a pet store, but they adopted me. I put my hand in the cage and they were the first ones to run out and up my arm. They are the sweetest ratties you could want. Sage loves to curl up with me at night when he's on the couch running around, and Tegan likes to cause havoc with the Bassets. Both seem to think they are bigger then their small size, they like to take on the Bassets. When I was home recovering from surgery and not able to move much, they were right there next to me, and running all over my bed. Sage would kiss me and then run around like a mad-rattie making me laugh. Tegan would belly-flop onto a stuffed moose I was given, and then I would laugh again. They were the perfect company for me when movement hurt. They know when it is food time and snack time, and now whenever we have a food they particularly like, you have to give them some or else I get this pathetic rattie face, and well you know how that can be. I of course give in and feed them everything they want. My mother-in-law laughed when I took home a dawgie-bag of the cornish game hen bones and meat for them. I just about lost a few fingers, they loved that meat and bones the most I think.

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