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Sniffer the Mini Lop Bunny Sniffer
Mini Lop Bunny
New Lowell, Ontario, Canada
December 01, 2000

Skyscraper the Tokay Gecko Skyscraper
Tokay Gecko
Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
December 02, 2000

Jake the Lesser Sulphur Cockatoo Jake
Lesser Sulphur Cockatoo
Leicestershire, United Kingdom
December 03, 2000

Tegan, Sage the Berkshire Blacks Tegan, Sage
Berkshire Blacks
Pennsylvania, USA
December 04, 2000

Bailey the Green Wing Macaw Bailey
Green Wing Macaw
December 05, 2000

Honey Bunny the American Standard Chinchilla Honey Bunny
American Standard Chinchilla
Wayland, Massachusetts, USA
December 06, 2000

Merlin the Blue & Gold Macaw Merlin
Blue & Gold Macaw
December 07, 2000

Zippo, Ollie the Short Zippo, Ollie
Weston, Florida, USA
December 08, 2000

Tubbi the Pot Bellied Pig Tubbi
Pot Bellied Pig
Austin, Texas, USA
December 09, 2000

Speedy the Three Toed Box Turtle Speedy
Three Toed Box Turtle
Redwood City, California, USA
December 10, 2000

Jeepers the Umbrella Cockatoo Jeepers
Umbrella Cockatoo
San Antonio, Texas, USA
December 11, 2000

Stoney the Morgan Stoney
Elkton, Michigan, USA
December 12, 2000

Fudge the Cinnamon Pearl Rat Fudge
Cinnamon Pearl Rat
Harlow, UK
December 13, 2000

Iggy the Giant Green Iguana Iggy
Giant Green Iguana
Talent, Oregon, USA
December 14, 2000

Shamus the Red Shamus
Durham, North Carolina, USA
December 15, 2000

Chicky the Leghorn Chicky
Wisconsin, USA
December 16, 2000

Bucky, Patches the LaMancha Goats Bucky, Patches
LaMancha Goats
Fountain Inn, South Carolina, USA
December 17, 2000

Ruby the Ferret Ruby
Reno, Nevada, USA
December 18, 2000

Cody the American Bison Cody
American Bison
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
December 19, 2000

Pooky, Peek A Boo the Lop Rabbit, Rabbit Pooky, Peek A Boo
Lop Rabbit, Rabbit
Rochester, New York, USA
December 20, 2000

Rosie the Arabian Rosie
Oakland Township, Michigan, USA
December 21, 2000

Twelve the Lovebird Twelve
December 22, 2000

Brett the Chinchilla Brett
Escanaba, Michigan, USA
December 23, 2000

Baxter, Emma the Rabbits Baxter, Emma
Virginia, USA
December 24, 2000

Sweetie, Willow the Cockatiel Sweetie, Willow
Toronto, Canada
December 25, 2000

Leia the Sable Ferret Leia
Sable Ferret
Long Island, New York, USA
December 26, 2000

Sparky the Blue Streaked Lory Sparky
Blue Streaked Lory
Portland, Oregon, USA
December 27, 2000

Bailey the American Shorthair Abyssinian Bailey
American Shorthair Abyssinian
Everett, Washington, USA
December 28, 2000

Rainbow the Long Tailed Parakeet Rainbow
Long Tailed Parakeet
December 29, 2000

Ziggy the Sable Ferret Ziggy
Sable Ferret
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
December 30, 2000

Michaelangelo the Brazilian Green Iguana Michaelangelo
Brazilian Green Iguana
Bayonne, New Jersey, USA
December 31, 2000

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