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August 13, 2000

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Sweetie Q, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sweetie Q
Age: Three weeks old
Gender: Female
Kind: Fawn Whitetail Deer
Home: Arkansas, USA
   My name is Sweetie Q, I am just a little over three weeks old now, I am a Fawn Whitetail deer. I got my name after one of my mommy's very dear friends, she found me in her yard and gave me to Carol Boyd that's my Mommy's name! We live on a deer farm in Arkansas where there are other big deer, my mommy tells me that when I get just a little bigger I can go out and play with them in the big play pen. My mommy loves me I know she dose, and I really depend on her to feed me and wipe my poopie, (yeckie) sometimes I know I make a really big mess and mommy don't like the way it smells but she dose it anyway because she loves me so much. I have not met my new Daddy yet mommy tells me he works Over Seas where ever that is, I don't think I would want to go there, anyway, I have a Sister too CJ she is so nice to me and she smells really good, I like to lick on her and sometimes I show out for her when she watches mommy feeds me. I also have a someday boyfriend, he is really cute too, he has big brown eyes and he even has spots just like me, my mommy feeds him too just like she dose me, but I always beat him to the bottles first, he is younger than me so that makes me faster! :-) I just wanted to tell you a little about myself and that I am so happy in my new home with my new mommy. Maybe you can come and see me someday, I'm not use to many people yet but I will be better when I get older my mommy says I have to get use to people looking at me because I am so Beautiful! Nice to have met you.

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