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August 9, 2000

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Bronson del Barrio, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bronson del Barrio
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Quarterhorse
Home: Lothian, Maryland, USA
   This is my pet and dressage horse, Bronson del Barrio. He is shown in the right hand photo going over a small fence ridden by my friend Stephanie Kase. Bronson is approximately fourteen years old, although his origins are mysterious. He is a gelding, his breed is quarterhorse (I think) and his color is buckskin. He has been my best buddy for about five years and we do low level dressage schooling shows. Bronson lives in Lothian, Maryland near beautiful tobacco farms, while I live in Washington, DC on Capitol Hill. Bronson is very smart for a horse. I think he may have had unhappiness in his past because he sometimes acts afraid. Although he can be difficult (he broke my husband's shoulder--Oops!) he is very honest and tries very hard to please me. Bronson also models for a web site for a tack shop that I do.

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