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April 24, 2000

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Belle, the Pet of the Day
Name: Belle
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dwarf Rabbit
Home: Minnesota, USA
   Belle (nicknames: Belle Jean, baby girl and Twinkie) is special for many reasons. We got her when she was one month old and she was so tiny (small enough to fit in a t-shirt pocket)! Besides being a dwarf, she was also the runt of the litter. Belle is very spoiled and she knows it! Her favorite activities are: running like mad in the living room, eating timothy hay and corn cobs, making stomping noises with her feet, giving kisses, and getting into mischief! She enjoys biting cords (until we bunny-proofed our entire living room), scratching on doors, jumping on furniture, and playing my keyboard with her feet. She is not a timid rabbit... she's not afraid of loud noises or other animals. She won't flinch for a minute, and she'll put up a fight. There's never a dull moment now that Belle is a part of our lives!

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