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April 16, 2000

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Ugg, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ugg
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Sicilian Donkey
Home: Ozarks, Missouri, USA
   Ugg is eight years old and he is a miniature or Sicilian Donkey. Ugg is 34 inches tall at the shoulders but he thinks he is much, much taller. Ugg thinks he is a house donk and enjoys a little tv or a nap in front of the fireplace. We don't have the heart to tell him he's supposed to be outside in the pasture. His favorite snack is peppermint mints. Ugg lost his tail when he was just a baby, the bigger donks he was playing with bit it off. In fly season we have to attach a piece of garden hose to his tail so he can swish the flies away.

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