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April 7, 2000

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Joy Ryder, the Pet of the Day
Name: Joy Ryder
Age: Eighteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Pintabian
Home: USA
   J.R. is a very sweet horse. Once when I was falling off him when I was little, he stopped in his tracks and nudged me back into the saddle. He is eighteen years young! He has taught many youngsters how to ride.

    He was abused by a very mean person, but as you see in the pictures he is now doing great! Whenever he was bad with his old owner the owner would twist his ear. He stayed with this harsh life for a loong time, but then I saw what was going on and bought him. He went to World Nationals with his original owner. Then I purchased him since his owner was moving. (I hope he never gets another animal.)

    He now is Joy Ryder the great!!! J.R. is a sweet little guy who loves to jump and run! He has wonderful coloring and beautiful conformation! Everyone loves J.R. because of his gentle disposition.

    Personality: Sweet, Gentle, Energetic
    Discipline: Stud, Halter, Hunter, Jumper, Saddle-Seat, Western Pleasure, Barrel Racing, English Pleasure, Trail

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