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April 1, 2000

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Peppy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Peppy
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: English Short-Hair Guinea Pig
Home: Illinois, USA
   This is our guinea pig, Peppy. He has been a real JOY to our lives for almost six years (we adopted him at one month old). Named after "peppermint" because of his white fur and red eyes and because of his active personality, he has kept us entertained with his endearing antics daily! Weighing three pounds, four ounces, there is no doubt Peppy loves food! He has had a nearly perfect life with the exception of two weeks last year when he was diagnosed with a bladder stone and needed emergency surgery. He is our first GP to survive the surgery, only losing four ounces of weight during the whole ordeal and recuperated so well, he began acting like a youngster again within a week! Peppy is soooo smart! He understands almost everything we say to him and even used to construct newspaper "houses" daily in his aquarium/cage to shield his albino eyes from the bright (indirect) sunlight coming in our living room during the day. (Now he has a wooden house.) He still gets so excited when it's time for veggies and tries to bite on his plastic water bottle as he impatiently fidgets! In fact, as a baby, he bit a hole through his water bottle so we started using a metal holder with a protective shield so he couldn't reach the bottle and now he bites impatiently on the metal shield while he anticipates a treat! Peppy still whistles loudly as his way of demanding a snack! One of Peppy's photos won Third Place in "Critters USA" 2000 annual issue! Peppy is an important part of our family. Check out our web site for fun & cute photos of our GPs at Guinea Pigs R Us

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