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September 24, 1999

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Cosmo, the Pets of the Day
Name: Cosmo
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: White-Eyed Conure
Home: Western Cape, South Africa
   We were never really interested in conures until we saw Cosmo. He was in a little cage with one other White-Eyed Conure - the one I actually wanted - in a Petshop. We were looking for a Plumhead for my mother when we saw them. The lady at the Petshop said that she only knew what they were (White-Eyed Conures), but didn't know anything about them. My father said that they're too expensive, and if I wanted one I had to pay for it myself. I had some money saved and my mom gave me the rest; so off we went two days later (17 December 1998) to buy one... but to my disappointment the one I wanted was just sold to some other lady. There she was walking out of the Petshop with the one I wanted! Thus I had to settle for the one that's left. I got him for a bargain, though - almost half of his real value. After we got home with him, we were off to buy two Moustaches. On our way there, and back, I decided to think of a name for him - and boy was there a lot of names I had to choose out of... ... Peppi, Zorro, Amigo and Elvis to name but a few. But in the end I decided on Cosmo.

    At home we decided to leave him in his cage for a least a day or two. After two days I decided to catch him, I used a piece of blanket to cover my hand, since I had to catch him in the store. He screamed and made a lot of noise, but he didn't bite - yet. He only bit me in a week's time - and that was his last bite! He has never bitten me since. He tamed very quickly, but didn't want to sit on my shoulder. I always took him out of his cage in the afternoon and played with him. He really got spoiled very quickly too! Since he was bought in summer we sprayed him often and I allowed him to get wet in the sink. He got very attached to water and still baths frequently - even at eleven 'o clock in the evenings!

    His first imitation was the telephone - what a way to start! When my brother and I were watching cricket, he would often start 'ringing'. We just told him "where's Jonty" (Jonty Rhodes, the South African cricket player) and he would stop. After a while he copied us and was saying "where's Jonty" after 'his telephone rang'! When he sees Jonty on the television now, he says "Jonty" and he recognizes pictures of him. He is really cute and I am not a bit disappointed that I got him. We can do almost anything with him now. He's starting to copy our Ringnecks and has a reasonable vocabulary at this moment. He does tricks and is getting the hang of staying on a place when we put him there. White-Eyed Conures may be unknown and not spotted everywhere, but they are real good pets and are quick learners! Visit Cosmo's Corner to see more and learn more about Cosmo.

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