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September 21, 1999

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Jackie, Skipper, and Apollo, the Pets of the Day
Name: Jackie, Skipper, Apollo
Age: One, One year old, unknown
Gender: Female, Male, Male
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: Ft. Worth, Texas, USA
   Here are my three cockatiels (from left to right) Jackie, Skipper, and Apollo. In the small picture they are perching on their play gym eating their favorite treat, millet. They gobble this stuff down like it was candy! Jackie is a Cinnamon Pearl Pied and Apollo and Skipper are the common gray cockatiel you would see in the wilds of Australia. These lovely birds reside in Ft. Worth, Texas.

    I bought Apollo from a young breeder in April 1998 and we immediately became attached to each other! He got very sick shortly after he arrived to live with me. Fortunately a smart vet fixed him up! He is very funny and says many phrases: "What cha doin'?, Give me a kiss, I love you., I'm a good bird (boy)., You're my sweetheart., What cha doin, sweetheart., I can talk, can you fly." He also whistles Take me out to the Ballgame, Louie Louie, and I Believe I can fly. Sometimes he sings his own versions like "Take Louie to the Ballgame" and "I Believe I can Fly to the Ballgame."

    Jackie was won by my son at a bird fair the following month. She was born one week before Apollo. We were told she was a he so we named her Jack. Then it became apparent that he was a she! I spare you the details! ;­) She is very sweet and loves to cuddle to my neck. She doesn't talk (most female cockatiels don't) or whistle.

    Skipper came to us by pure luck. I found someone on the internet that was looking for a home for this lost bird she had found. I told her I would take him in and find the owners. After months of searching by posting with the lost bird web sites and searching the papers we gave up hope of finding the owner. We don't know how old he is because he had already gone through at least one molt before he came here. When he first came he was very afraid of us. Now he just hisses and snaps but he still is a good bird. He has learned a couple of phrases from Apollo. When they are in the room together they ask each other "What cha doin'?" Sometimes Skipper adds Apollo's name to the end of the phrase because he hears Apollo say it. The three of them can get kind of loud but we love them. I would never have thought myself a bird person until I got a cockatiel. They are so fun and so loving.

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