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September 20, 1999

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Punky, Punch, the Pet of the Day
Name: Punky, Punch
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: Guinea Pigs
Home: Israel
   I have five adorable guinea-pigs, but one is my favorite: Her name is Punky and she is a mother of three. Her "husband" is called Punch. She takes great care of the babies. Punky is four months old, she is a long-hair guinea pig. I think she should win because she is the worlds best mother-guinea-pig. Punky had three babies two weeks ago. They are cute and fluffy. Punch is very friendly - he loves to lay on my lap and let me pet him (sometimes he even falls asleep!). Punky is a great mother to her three babies. She takes really good care of them and makes sure they don't get lost on the grass, when I let them out. I got Punch from a friend four months ago and I bought Punky the same day at a shop - I had to drive an hour and a half to get there. Punky was a lonely female furball in a cage of six more males. She was so happy I took her - she started licking my hand when we got home. Punch was happy to see he had a new roommate. They live in two separate cages - Punch in one cage and Punky in another with the babies - I am afraid he will disturb her while nursing them. They love to play on the grass, and mud. The little ones run one after another, after another after their mom. They have fun eating, and ruining my dad's plants. I think they are adorable pets and fun to play with.

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