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September 19, 1999

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Hattie and Fiver, the Pet of the Day
Name: Hattie, Fiver
Age: Six months old, Deceased
Gender: Female
Kind: French Lop, Dwarf Lop
Home: Ockendon, Essex, UK
   I'd like to nominate my bunny, Hattie. She's a big brown French Lop doe, six months old. The little white rabbit next to her is Fiver. Hattie and Fiver were constant companions from the age of eight weeks (Fiver was a Dwarf Lop and therefore a lot smaller). Two and a half weeks ago, Fiver had to be put down as a genetic complaint had distorted her spine to the point that she could no longer eat, clean or feed.

    Hattie is a friendly lovable rabbit who adores attention and misses her little friend terribly. Her favorite hobby is trampolining on a freshly made bed and her favorite food is apples.

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