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September 13, 1999

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Sam, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sam
Age: Two and a half year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Jersey Wooly
Home: Connecticut, USA
   This is my rabbit, "So What About That Sam." Sam is a Jersey Wooly doe. She is a house rabbit. That is to say she rules the house and allows our family to live there with her.

    Sam is a great rabbit, very laid back. She goes with us anywhere that rabbits are allowed. We put a harness on her, attach it to the seatbelt and she rides in the car with us. One night I was driving my daughter to a friend's house and we had to go through a police roadblock where they were checking seatbelts. The officer looked in the window and asked "Is everyone bucked up?" I said "Yes, even the rabbit." He was so intrigued by the rabbit sitting on my daughter's lap wearing her harness that he called over his partner and they made all the traffic in both directions stop and wait while they admired Sam.

    Sam is a fairly lazy rabbit, preferring lounging around to playing. When she gets in the mood however, she can really move. This is usually when she is just finished with some mischief (like snipping through all our telephone cords). She does like to make noise. She plays with plastic baby keys, rips up my junk mail for me, rings a bell when I am too slow getting her morning treat and thumps the floor when my daughter and I argue. Of course, she does all kinds of cute bunny things, washing her face and ears, standing up on her back feet, yawning and stretching, and jumping straight up in the air just for the fun of it. I am very lucky as Sam is a very affectionate rabbit, who loves to give kisses. If you want to see more about Sam, check out her web page.

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