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September 12, 1999

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Lizzy Ann, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lizzy Ann
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Squirrel Monkey
Home: Tucson, Arizona, USA
   This is Lizzy Ann. I don't know her age since she was rescued from a breeding facility, however she has been with me for seven wonderful years! She is a squirrel monkey from South America. She currently resides in Tucson, AZ. Lizzy Ann has always been the one to make newcomers feel at home and loved. Without her help some of our friends may not have settled in so quickly and easily. She is gentle and kind to humans and animals and is a star to me!

    Lizzy Ann is a squirrel monkey. The females weigh approximately two pounds when mature. Lizzy's favorite foods are meal worms, grasshoppers and june bugs. She also loves artichoke leaves, pomegranates, and red bell peppers! Since we have rescued several other squirrel monkeys from undesirable situations, Lizzy is the one to comfort the newcomers and show them the way around. Most monkeys must be confined to a cage, however Lizzy Ann has free roam of the house and she is such a good girl that she keeps herself and her companions in the dining room where is cage is located. (Naturally the cage door is never closed) Lizzy was abused before she came to me, and had severe rickets. After four months on medication that she took so very well she was much better. Half of her tail is missing and she is quite afraid of people but she honors me with a precious purr when I gentle rub her back. Her best friend is Abigail, another squirrel that I would love to tell you all about later! Lizzy is not noisy at all but of all the squirrel monkeys I have ever heard she has the loudest call coming from such a little mouth!!

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