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September 11, 1999

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Dusty, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dusty
Age: Eight weeks old
Gender: Female
Kind: Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
Home: England
   I've only had Dusty for about a week but her character shines through and everyone loves her so much. She is a female netherland dwarf female and is my fourth rabbit. She lives with my other rabbit, Rgb.C, who had a bad temperament but with Dusty's company and the influence of her good nature Rgb.C is much better and treats Dusty as her baby. She has a boyfriend called Coco (pictured) and hopefully they will mate in spring when they are old enough and have adorable babies! Dusty loves to lick you and comes to the bars of her cage or run when called. She loves being taken for a walk on her new harness and jumps for joy in the air when she gets to full speed!

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