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September 10, 1999

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Spotty, the Pet of the Day
Name: Spotty
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Pig
Home: Lockport, New York, USA
   Spotty, the pig in the pool, is my best pet. He is a good old regular pig and loves everyone and all his buddies. He thinks he is a horse and hangs tight with the little horses. Spotty is a regular pig, I don't mean regular in any sense other than he is not a pot belly. I went to a friend of mine's farm, he keeps my two cows for me ( I love all animals) and his sow had babies. One, Spotty, had gotten stepped on by the mother and his foot was hurt. So I took him because his chance of survival was slim. After taking him to the vet for antibiotics and dewormer he made his way to my heart and home. He feel head over heels for Jumbo and Major, my two dwarf mini horses. Spotty actually thinks he is a horse I think.

    I was nervous because everyone said that pigs are great while little but get mean as they get older. Well, maybe other pigs, but not Spotty. He goes where the horses go and likes to play with the dogs too. He gets along well with Joey the goat and just yesterday decided he likes corn. Most pigs love it, but since he likes to eat horse food he just decided it's good. His favorite foods are dog food, cat food, horse grain and Sunshine, which is a vitamin supplement for all animals. He goes in the pool to cool off, pigs don't sweat and they do prefer cool water to mud. They roll in the mud to protect themselves from the sun (sunburn). His trick is that when I rub his belly he rolls on his side because he wants to be scratched and he loves to get a bath with a scrub brush.

    We live in Lockport, NY outside of Niagara Falls, Spotty is just a baby, even though he weighs more than me. He is about six months old and weighs and 125. He is just the best!

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