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September 9, 1999

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Rocky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rocky
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Umbrella Cockatoo
Home: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
   Hello, my name is Rocky. I'm an eight month old Umbrella Cockatoo. I have two humans named Vickie and Fred. They take me everywhere with them. They think Im just think I'm the greatest!

          Thank you...... Rocky

    Rocky is an Umbrella Cockatoo. We got him at six weeks old and hand-fed him till he was six months old. Rocky had a little trouble putting weight on, so we had to hand feed him longer than usual. He is such a lovable little guy. He goes crazy when he sees ice cream, and likes to take a sip of Pepsi once in a while. We take him with us just about everywhere we go. We really get a lot of attention when we pull up to a stop light and people see a big white bird sitting in the car. Even though Roc is only eight months old, he is a very good talker. He says hello, I love you, hello Fred, hello Vickie and his favorite thing is to say is, wacha doin. Rocky loves to sit and watch the television and even cuddles up under the blanket and goes as far as pulling it over his head when he sleeps. I know these birds are all a lot alike in many ways, but we sure love this little guy!

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