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September 5, 1999

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Smudge and Roo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Smudge, Roo
Age: Eight, Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Netherland Dwarf, Lop
Home: Liverpool, England
   Smudge and Roo are very special to my husband and I. We call them our magical bunnies, even though they are two of five houserabbits. We adore all five of our rabbits, but Roo and Smudge are magical bunnies to us.

    Smudge was brought home in January and was very neglected. He hadn't been fed or given water. He spent the first week of his life being taken back and forth to the vet. He was very weak. After a few days of care he was fine. In March Smudge broke his leg so severely, the only thing the vet could do was amputate it. Smudge is now without his left hind leg. He has been a real survivor. When he broke his leg he was at risk of going into shock, and rabbits can die from shock, but Smudge prevailed, then there was the risk he wouldn't live through surgery, but again he was fine. He was home within hours of the amputation, eating and giving my husband and I kisses, almost like he was telling us he would be fine.

    Roo was brought home in March at only three weeks old. He was in a pet store being sold for Easter. Rabbits should not leave their mother until at least six weeks of age, but Roo was in a pen with much larger rabbits and just three weeks of age. He was the size of a large hamster when we brought him home. We couldn't leave him there to be taken in by someone who didn't know how young he was. He needed a very special diet and care, and we were afraid that he would suffer and die in the hands of an unknowing person, he still should have been drinking his mothers milk, not looking for a home. So we brought him home (and reported the place to the authorities). Roo thrived and grew, then when he became five months of age his jaw started to grow improperly. The vet thinks not having his mother's milk for as long as he needed contributed to this. His front teeth had to be removed. Roo has now been without his front teeth for two weeks now. He is thriving and doesn't seem to miss them at all!

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