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September 3, 1999

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Sapphire, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sapphire
Age: Two year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Grand Cayman Blue Iguana hybrid
Home: Southern California, USA
   This is Sapphire, a two-year-old Grand Cayman Blue Iguana hybrid. Her species is Cyclura nubila lewisi X, and the only place on earth they are found in the wild is the Cayman Islands. She is just starting to get her mature blue coloring.

    Sapphire was adopted from a reputable breeder and just loves humans. She has been completely trusting and tame from the day she was born! She loves to jump up on people but has recently learned the command "wait." She is also toilet trained to go on newspaper. Her favorite pastimes are sunbathing and watching TV with her human family. She is a strict vegetarian and loves all leafy greens like collards.

    Through education and volunteer work, Sapphire and her human hope to help this rare iguana bounce back from the brink of extinction. To read more about Sapphire and to see pictures of her parents, please visit Sapphire's website.

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