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October 27, 1999

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TJ, the Pet of the Day
Name: TJ
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chipmunk
Home: Belleville, Ontario, Canada
   This is our pet. His name is TJ and he is a one year old chipmunk. He is with us in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. He is special by just being himself. He has been a health benefit to us and he has a personality that makes you just want to love him.

    TJ is an outdoor chipmunk. He might as well be indoors though. TJ answers to his name. He "dances" when he is happy especially if he hasn't seen Rose for a while. I have photos of him looking at Rose and you can actually see love in his eyes for her. The glow from him to her is unmistakable. Rose has received countless love bites from him (If he wanted to really bite her we all know he could very easily and effectively). I could almost write a book about him.

    There are also obvious health benefits to both Rose and TJ from the relationship. TJ has put on a bit of weight where he was skinny before. His tail is full when it was thin and tattered. Rose is a level two diabetic with a dangerously high heart rate and high blood pressure. Since the "affair" between TJ and Rose began, Rose's blood pressure has dropped considerably and her blood sugar has stabilized! The heart rate has been reduced to normal. These are things that the doctors have been trying to do for years yet TJ did it for her in a very short period of time. To Rose, Tj is the most precious thing in the world and watching TJ with her reveals that TJ thinks the same about her.

    I can put together a much longer and more detailed story about TJ if you feel it is necessary as well as send off a few other photos.

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