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October 23, 1999

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Sverker and Hot Chili, the Pets of the Day
Name: Sverker, Hot Chili
Age: Two years old, Five months old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Chinchillas
Home: Sweden
   Sverker (the black one) is two years old. And Hot Chili (the grey one) is five months old. Sverker was born on a chinchilla farm - where they breed chinchillas for their lovely fur and make coats of them. But, happily, a girl was allowed to buy Sverker. But unhappily, she could not keep Sverker, and he and his ex-wife had to move. They moved to live with another girl. But Sverker's wife started to be mean to him, so he had to divorce from her. Then my husband and I were visiting the people who owned Sverker, and seven other Chinchillas. I felt pity for Sverker, and he liked me - so then he moved in with us. Hot Chili was bought in a pet shop, and she is kind and loves to jump around and climb on everything. She is not afraid of anything. Hot Chili helps Sverker to learn how to climb and have more self-confidence. They love to run around in our kitchen and jump and climb on everything, even us. In December they are going to move into the same cage, and next year we hope that they will have baby-Chinchillas.

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