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October 22, 1999

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Milky, Houdini, Chicko, Speckles and Blotch, the Pets of the Day
Name: Milky, Houdini, Chicko,
Speckles and Blotch
Age: Various
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pigs
Home: Adelaide, Australia
   This is my little gang, Milky, Houdini, Chicko, Speckles and Blotch. They are very special to me as each and everyone of them has their own little quirks and particular personalities. I have been totally surprised and overwhelmed by their cuteness and what and enjoyable pets they make. Milky is most definitely the leader of the gang and the one that the others run to for aid. Houdini is the most cheeky and often leads great escapes from the exercise pen.

    Chicko has a warm gentle quiet character and is the mother of Speckles and Blotch. Speckles and Blotch although sisters are opposites in character with Blotch taking after their mother and Speckles being more like Houdini. Both often fall under the bad influence of Houdini and join in her escapades and chasey games. They usually go in their play pen on nice sunny days. We got the guineas as we are renting and not allowed to have a cat or a dog but they have turned out to be an excellent substitute. We got Milky and Chicko first, then a week later Houdini. Chicko must have been pregnant when we got her and so she gave birth to Blotch and Speckles. As they turned out to be female also, we kept them too.

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