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October 18, 1999

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Claudia, the Pet of the Day
Name: Claudia
Age: Two years, six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Indian Ringneck Parrot
Home: California, USA
   Claudia was born on April 16, 1997, at a breeder's house in San Jose, California, 10th offspring from an albino (white) mother and a blue father. Claudia was removed from the nest at the age of three weeks, and I took her home at the age of 41 days on May 26. At the time she could not yet stand straight, and had few feathers. I completed the twice-a-day handfeeding with baby formula, and taught her to stand on her own feet and eat a variety of foods.

    Claudia is now as tame as anyone could wish for, and also very polite as she knows to raise her right foot to ask for food, or quietly lay on her back while I clip her claws. Claudia loves to feel part of the group, and will eat, drink, shower and sleep along with her company.

    She is now a beautiful parrot, a great companion, and I am still working on her vocabulary (I could use some help here though!). It took me a while to find her a suitable name, and I ended up choosing "Claudia" because of her blue eyes, bright red beak and her habit to play with her nails and look at herself in the mirror (she thinks she is a supermodel...). I have enclosed a picture of Claudia below, but she also has her own web site on with many more pictures.

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