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October 16, 1999

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Camille, the Pet of the Day
Name: Camille
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dumbo Rat
Home: Brooklyn, New York, USA
   Camille Angelique Von Buck is one of the sweetest creatures I have ever met. She loves to cuddle with me, hang out on my shoulder for hours, play peek-a-boo and tag, give kisses, and she doesn't have a selfish or mean bone in her little body. She loves traveling with me on the subway in her special "carrying purse," peeking out of it and gazing around in a friendly manner at the other people on the subway, many of whom have never known... until they meet Camille and are enchanted by her... how gentle, clean, personable, intelligent and full of love domestic rats are.

    Camille lives with six female rats in a very large cage with lots of toys and hammocks and sleeping nooks. She is quite popular with all her cagemates, as she is always affectionate and playful and greatly enjoys being a one-ratty "beauty salon," thoroughly and expertly grooming her friends (both rats and humans!). I love all my rats...each one of them has a distinct, utterly unique personality...they are all gentle, loving, smart and comical... but Camille has an amazing serenity about her that makes her very, very special to me and to everyone who meets her.

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