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October 14, 1999

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Mickey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mickey
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Senegal Parrot (poicephalus senegalus)
Home: The Netherlands
   I got Mickey on July 28, 1999. He came from a Belgium breeder and was handfed, so I was very excited to get him! Before Mickey came home I read a lot about Senegal parrots and I knew they could be a little nippy and moody from time to time but on the other hand they are social birds. I also got a big parrot cage from a friend. After a few days Mickey was constantly putting his head through the cagebars!! I was so worried. After some time I bought a new cage for him with smaller bars. Now he is very happy in it and I'm not worried anymore! Mickey is the first bigger parrot I have. I only had budgies and lovebirds. At this moment I also have Rakker, the budgie, and Pucky, the lovebird. I love them very much. I have only had Mickey for a short time now, but I am totally in love with him. I take him out of the cage everyday and also together with my budgie and my lovebird. In the beginning Mickey and Pucky were "beak-fighting" a lot, but it goes much better now. Pucky has a strong character and she doesn't fly away for Mickey. It is so funny to see those two creatures sitting on my shoulders, trying to get the best place!

    From the beginning Mickey was indeed nippy and I had to get used to that. I know that Senegal's love drama, so you must not react dramatically on this. It is difficult to find a good way dealing with that, but now it goes much better, especially when my other birds are in their cages again and he can sit a little longer with me, watching television. Than he is soooooo sweet, really. Those moments are so special to me, then I can preen his neck feathers, give him kisses on his beak, etc. And nowadays he seems to be getting less nippy. He is adjusting well. He loves to eat fruit with me and when I am eating my dinner he wants to eat with me too, but he cannot have everything! Only the healthy things for birds, of course!! I hope he will stay with me for a long long time!! It's lots of fun to have a Senegal parrot. To see more pictures of him, go to my website.

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