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October 03, 1999

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Glennie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Glennie
Age: Two years old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Ringneck
Home: South Africa
   When Glennie arrived (November 1997), he was barely one month old. His owner brought this little baby ringneck - he didn't have any feathers yet - in a shoe box, and asked me to look after it while he was away on business for a few weeks. On closer inspection one could see that the poor little thing had a badly hurt left paw. Two toes were burnt and looked very sore. Apparently Glennie had fallen into boiling water while his owner was busy making his baby formula. Not surprising though, considering he is always into the pots and pans now that he's older.

    His name - short for Glentana - has an interesting origin: His owner went on holiday to a place called Glentana (near George and Knysna in the Western Cape) and took his brooder with two Indian Ringneck eggs with him. He plugged the brooder into the car's battery outlet and guess who hatched! He stayed with us for approximately nine months while the man went abroad. When he returned, I told him he couldn't have Glennie back as I loved him too much by then. So now he's here to stay!!!

    He had Sour Crop before he came to us and still suffers from something similar when he eats bread. He always calls for Chico (our Congo African Grey), and wants to go to him all the time. When he's not with one of us, he calls everyone by their name, and cries like a baby.   Glennie talks a lot - especially when he's "alone" with a room full of birds around him - he whistles and kisses when he wants to get our attention. He is affectionately known as Redro, "Patat", Tweety, Peppie, and calls himself Gwennie. We don't know if Glennie is male or female yet.

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