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October 02, 1999

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Na Na, the Pet of the Day
Name: Na Na
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Bronze Turkey
Home: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
   This is Na Na, who was named by our little girl of one year old. We raised her from a baby chick. She is a bronze turkey that is about five months old and weighs over fifteen pounds. They do grow up fast! We love to hear her turkey chirps and enjoy her friendly ways. She loves to nibble grass and is quite happy when she is allowed to walk outside her pen. Na Na lives in Indiana in the USA. I enjoy taking her to grade schools where she can show the children how pretty and gentle a turkey can be.

    Na Na doesn't know her name. She just happily comes to you when you enter her pen because she knows you are going to feed her some turkey chow. (High in protein) Everyone told me that turkeys are ugly....well...I think she is beautiful!!

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