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Yahoo the Black Yahoo
Illinois, USA
October 01, 1999

Na Na the Bronze Turkey Na Na
Bronze Turkey
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
October 02, 1999

Glennie the Ringneck Glennie
South Africa
October 03, 1999

Sarah the African Pygmy Hedgehog Sarah
African Pygmy Hedgehog
Dallas, Texas, USA
October 04, 1999

Shortie the Cockatiel Shortie
Reedsville, Ohio, USA
October 05, 1999

Kupcake the American Fuzzy Lop Kupcake
American Fuzzy Lop
Ohio, USA
October 06, 1999

Pepper the Sun Conure Parrot Pepper
Sun Conure Parrot
British Columbia, Canada
October 07, 1999

Jenny, Jill, Coaco the Miniature Donkeys Jenny, Jill, Coaco
Miniature Donkeys
Wisconsin, USA
October 08, 1999

Ginger the Pietrain Pig Ginger
Pietrain Pig
Miami, Florida, USA
October 09, 1999

Lucie, Peewee the Flame Point Manx, Squirrel Lucie, Peewee
Flame Point Manx, Squirrel
Orlando, Florida, USA
October 10, 1999

Jello the Congo African Grey Parrot Jello
Congo African Grey Parrot
Germantown, Maryland, USA
October 11, 1999

Twink the Miniature Lop Twink
Miniature Lop
Manchester, England
October 12, 1999

Shauna the Sheep Shauna
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
October 13, 1999

Mickey the Senegal Parrot Mickey
Senegal Parrot
The Netherlands
October 14, 1999

Ziggy the Green Iguana Ziggy
Green Iguana
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
October 15, 1999

Camille the Dumbo Rat Camille
Dumbo Rat
Brooklyn, New York, USA
October 16, 1999

Eddie the Dark Sable Ferret Eddie
Dark Sable Ferret
Ohio, USA
October 17, 1999

Claudia the Indian Ringneck Parrot Claudia
Indian Ringneck Parrot
California, USA
October 18, 1999

Tigger the Bearded Dragon Tigger
Bearded Dragon
Florida, USA
October 19, 1999

Chocolate Ripple the Barred Rock Hen Chocolate Ripple
Barred Rock Hen
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
October 20, 1999

Pollie the Ringneck Parakeet Pollie
Ringneck Parakeet
South Africa
October 21, 1999

The Gang the Guinea Pigs The Gang
Guinea Pigs
Adelaide, Australia
October 22, 1999

Sverker, Hot Chili the Chinchillas Sverker, Hot Chili
October 23, 1999

Bunny the Dutch Belted Bunny
Dutch Belted
Athens, Georgia, USA
October 24, 1999

Tweety the Lutino Parakeet Tweety
Lutino Parakeet
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
October 25, 1999

Jazzman the Iguana Jazzman
Pennsylvania, USA
October 26, 1999

TJ the Chipmunk TJ
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
October 27, 1999

Seymore the Senegal Parrot Seymore
Senegal Parrot
Montgomery, Illinois, USA
October 28, 1999

Binky the Chinchilla Binky
Mississippi, USA
October 29, 1999

J.P. the Racebred Quarter Horse J.P.
Racebred Quarter Horse
Gunter, Texas, USA
October 30, 1999

Merlin the Rat Merlin
Bern, Switzerland
October 31, 1999

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