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November 25, 1999

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DaVinci, Indiana, the Pets of the Day
Name: DaVinci,
Age: Seven months;
One year, Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Miniature Lop;
Husky, Shepherd Mix
Home: New Brunswick, Canada
   I bought Indiana for my boyfriend as an anniversary present and he was the cutest and clumsiest puppy ever! A year later I bought my miniature lop, "Da Vinci", and although we were worried they might not get along, we introduced them slowly and they became the best of friends. This was after a week or two of Indiana chasing the bunny all around the house of coarse! Indiana loves the bunny so much he will lick him until his fur sticks up and when he accidently bumps him, because he is still clumsy, the bunny gets mad and grunts, nipping at his feet. Indiana gets so upset that he mopes around until the bunny comes and lies next to him so they can cuddle. They will both do about anything for treats. Indi will shake your hand, lie down, or speak (bark) for any type of meat product and my bunny will run laps around your feet or figure eights around and through your feet for Cheerios. He loves Cheerios and I feed them to him from my mouth. He gives me kisses too :) They are both gentle and loving and adorable pets who love to play and make you feel better when you are down.

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