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November 18, 1999

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Jay, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jay
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Paso Fino, Pony
Home: Land O' Lakes, Florida, USA
   Hi! My name is Jay. I was purchased by Nik and Steph in 1996 as their first horse. I like to jump, drive, go on trail rides, give pony parties, eat and show off! Even though I'm small, I can put on a show that equals ten times my size. Don't you think I'm cute?? I'm also a first class Houdini. I've been known to get out of winter blankets with all the straps still buckled. Also, I like to run away at night if given half a chance. It's my favorite pastime!

    Jay is only 12 1/2 hands tall (a hand is 4 inches) which makes him ideal for little kids and beginner riders. If he escapes at night, he doesn't go far, but we usually end up searching for him in the early hours of the morning. He doesn't usually come back on his own!

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