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November 16, 1999

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Winston, the Pet of the Day
Name: Winston
Age: Four month old
Gender: Male
Kind: Yellow-Naped Parrot
Home: Alexandria, Virginia, USA
   This is a picture of the newest addition to our family. His name is Winston and he's a four-month old Yellow-naped Parrot. He joins a ten-year old miniature schnauzer (mix) and an eleven-year old greyhound (mix) to round out our happy household.

    Winston has already become very attached to his principal owner, and ignores everyone else when his dad, Mike, is around. His vocabulary is small now ("hello" and a provocative whistle) but we've caught him singing song lyrics when he thinks no one is around.

    Winston is a voracious eater, and loves pellets, seeds, fresh veggies and fruit. He loves showers and having his head scratched. He's very smart and already knows how to manipulate us to get what he wants. He's been in the family for only a month now, but is already much loved and a full partner in our household here in Alexandria, Virginia.

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