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November 14, 1999

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Cinder, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cinder
Age: Deceased, Thirty years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Quarter, Thoroughbred
Home: Yorba Linda, California, USA
   Cinder was a wonderful addition to our family and deserves to be Pet of the Day for many reasons! I first met Cinder about fifteen years ago when I was taking riding lessons from a wonderful lady who also taught handicapped children how to ride and care for horses! I rode many different horses that were donated to the center, but one in particular needed a more advanced rider than most of the students could handle. So soon Cinder and I became best buds. The day came that I advanced past what the instructor had to offer, but we were all worried about how Cinder would handle missing her rides.... A special arrangement was made and I was able to take Cinder home with me!

    Cinder lived in our back yard for the past fifteen years. She enjoyed the neighbors horses & dogs, chasing my dog out of her corral, watching my parents mow the yard, and attending our barbecues. She was the most gentle horse I've ever known. She never bit or kicked, let you pet, poke, & prod without flinching, and nothing ever spooked her out on the trails (not even those nasty grates most horses hate to walk over!). She loved kicking things around her corral, even you if you weren't paying her enough attention while cleaning up her messes! She decided it was time to go to horse heaven recently, of course only after she made sure it was ok with us, and she'll be missed greatly!

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