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November 11, 1999

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Scooby, the Pet of the Day
Name: Scooby
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Budgie
Home: The Netherlands
   Scooby is so sweet because he always chatters cheerfully and sometimes he also speaks some words. Not so long ago he lived together with his friend Binky, but unfortunately Binky this September.

    I bought Scooby when he was only five weeks old, he came right out of his nest. After putting him in a separate cage for a while, I put him in a cage together with Binky and they immediately like each other. Although they both were male they fed each other regularly. Scooby doesn't like loud noise and flying balloons round about his cage (my daughter plays a lot with balloons, you know!). On the other hand he loves loud music and then he chatters at the top of his voice! He cannot live without his funny little mirror and that's the place where he sleeps on at night.

    Scooby loves making a mess of his cage. He loves to eat a piece white of an egg till the last crumb. Apple is one of his other favorite food and now Binky is gone, he is chattering with a piece of apple. That's so funny to see. But of course you can always give him millet. I am so happy that he's never been ill (I hope it stays this way!) and I hope that I can enjoy him for many years to come.

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