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November 9, 1999

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Harmony, the Pet of the Day
Name: Harmony
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lovebird
Home: Louisiana, USA
   This is Harmony, my sweet little lovebird. I got him almost a year ago, from a breeder. At the time, I had a parakeet named Peace so the two names went together. Harmony is wonderful. He loves to climb around my shoulders and fall asleep under my chin while I'm watching TV. He likes television, especially cartoons, and likes to chirp along to Soul Coughing music. He can never be let out when there's food on the table, because he walks right over and tries to get a bite of whatever it is. He drinks milk out of cereal bowls if you stop watching for a while. He also likes to stand on the rim of glasses of water we give him and dunk his whole head in for a bath. Harmony is very temperamental, but we all love him. He imitates my Mom by making little whistling sounds, and chirps loudly whenever no one is in the room, because he likes company. He especially chirps whenever we're trying to watch TV so I'll get him and hold him while I watch. He's a wonderful bird and I love him.

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