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November 7, 1999

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Kielbasa, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kielbasa
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig
Home: Tradewinds Farm, Bridger, Montana
   Kielbasa (KB for short) is a good-natured fellow who came to live with us when his previous owner moved to the city where they don't allow pigs. Kielbasa is a good pet for the unambitious pet owner. He really doesn't "do" anything - just sort of hangs in there! He grazes on the lawn and field all day. At night he sleeps in his own bed and likes to snuggle into his blankets. Sometimes he is naughty and unrolls the toilet paper in the bathroom and he likes to collect plastic bags and take them to his room. He really is a pig with few vices. He doesn't smoke or drink either. He is just a plain old nice guy who is the butt of every joke. You can visit KB and his friends at Tradewinds at their website.

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