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Skuttle the Black Skuttle
Buffalo, New York, USA
November 01, 1999

Tweety the Plumhead Tweety
South Africa
November 02, 1999

Lucy the Chinchilla Lucy
November 03, 1999

Charlie the Leopard Tortoise Charlie
Leopard Tortoise
Richardson, Texas, USA
November 04, 1999

Snowi the Budgerigar Snowi
Toronto, Ontario
November 05, 1999

Sunshine the Cockatiel Sunshine
New Brunswick, Canada
November 06, 1999

Kielbasa the Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig Kielbasa
Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig
Tradewinds Farm, Bridger, Montana
November 07, 1999

Thumper the Lop Thumper
Buckinghamshire, England
November 08, 1999

Harmony the Lovebird Harmony
Louisiana, USA
November 09, 1999

Celeste the Hooded Rat Celeste
Hooded Rat
Connecticut, USA
November 10, 1999

Scooby the Budgie Scooby
The Netherlands
November 11, 1999

Tweed the Teddy Guinea Pig Tweed
Teddy Guinea Pig
New York, USA
November 12, 1999

Whisper the Tobiano Paint Filly Whisper
Tobiano Paint Filly
New Mexico, USA
November 13, 1999

Cinder the Quarter, Thoroughbred Cinder
Quarter, Thoroughbred
Yorba Linda, California, USA
November 14, 1999

Oliver the Dwarf Lop Oliver
Dwarf Lop
Newcastle, England, UK
November 15, 1999

Winston the Yellow Winston
Alexandria, Virginia, USA
November 16, 1999

Kuma the Agouti Variegated Rat Kuma
Agouti Variegated Rat
California, USA
November 17, 1999

Jay the Paso Fino, Pony Jay
Paso Fino, Pony
Land O' Lakes, Florida, USA
November 18, 1999

Sammy the Holland Lop Sammy
Holland Lop
St. John's Newfoundland, Canada
November 19, 1999

Chiquita the Red Lored Amazon Chiquita
Red Lored Amazon
Lafayette, Indiana, USA
November 20, 1999

Joey the Ferret Joey
Chicago, Illinois, USA
November 21, 1999

Magic the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Magic
Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
November 22, 1999

Big Bad Blue the Rat Big Bad Blue
United Kingdom
November 23, 1999

Beefcake the Golden Agouti Beefcake
Golden Agouti
New York, USA
November 24, 1999

DaVinci, Indiana the Rabbit, Dog DaVinci, Indiana
Rabbit, Dog
New Brunswick, Canada
November 25, 1999

Arnette the Yorkshire Pig Arnette
Yorkshire Pig
Brewster, New York, USA
November 26, 1999

Cozmo the Pacman Frog Cozmo
Pacman Frog
Folsom, California, USA
November 27, 1999

Bartlett the Pacific lucida Parrotlet Bartlett
Pacific lucida Parrotlet
Southern California, USA
November 28, 1999

Spyder the Quarter Horse Spyder
Quarter Horse
November 29, 1999

Baby the Silver Mitt Ferret Baby
Silver Mitt Ferret
New Jersey, USA
November 30, 1999

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