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May 29, 1999

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Hailey, Kalista, and Jasper , the Pet of the Day
Name: Hailey, Kalista, Jasper
Age: One and a half, Three months old,
One and a half years old
Gender: Male, Female, Male
Kind: Dutch Rabbits, Calico
Home: Ridgeland, Mississippi, USA
   This is Hailey, Kalista, and Jasper who reside in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Hailey and Jasper are both a year-and-a-half old. They are my two Dutch Rabbits who both have blue eyes; however, you cannot see it in this particular picture because they had red-eye and I had to take it out.

    Jasper (black-n-white) is actually a month older than Hailey and is the more aggressive male who, when provoked by Kalista, will nip at her! He is actually very sweet and will let you hold him on his back like a baby and will lick your nose when you tell him, "Gimme Kisses Jasper!"

    Hailey (grey and white), on the other hand, is our "chicken baby" who runs from Kalista and will choose to hide when she's around.    

    Kalista is our Tabby/Calico who is three months old in the picture and already thinks she's a rabbit. She greets you when you walk in the door and when you tell her, "It's time to go to bed; Come on Girl," she will follow you into the bedroom and curl up next to your head. She also has the habit of having to be in whatever room you're in, even the bathroom. If you shut her out, she cries and paws at the door. She refuses to drink water out of her bowl and demands you keep the bathtub dripping for her convenience.  My husband and I believe she just "lets us live here so we can take care of her!"

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