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May 24, 1999

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Li'l Miss Kiwi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Li'l Miss Kiwi
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Pacific Parrotlet-Lucida
Home: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
   Li'l Miss Kiwi is one of smallest parrots. She weighs in at a 1.012 onces (30 grams). I guess nobody ever told her this because she is fun, feisty and absolutely adorable. In her short lifetime Li'l Miss Kiwi has travelled over 15,000 kms. with us in our motor home. She has been on an ocean voyage and has visited sixteen Provinces/States. She wows everyone everywhere she goes. On the ocean voyage the entertainers had a hard time keeping up with the show she was putting on.

    Li'l Miss Kiwi will play contentedly in her cage but far prefers to be out and about taking part in whatever the family is doing. We are in constant awe of the personality this little one displays. She can get her point across no matter what the subject. Li'l Miss Kiwi loves new adventures and meets each day with joy. She always greets us with happy chirping and jumps out of her cage ready to play. She is at the door before you have it open.

    She loves company and playing with people. We call her the "Party Girl." She can say four words, plays ball, peek-a-boo, batbird, shakes hands, waves bye bye (upper photo) does the Kiwi shuffle and loves to play hide and seek under a kleenex... Before meeting this parrotlet I thought a bird was a bird. She has taught us soooooooo much and now we wonder what our life was like without her. Most importantly Li'l Miss Kiwi is special because we love her and she loves us...

    You can come and visit Li'l Miss kiwi at her website.

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