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May 22, 1999

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Pigglette, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pigglette
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Home: Missouri, USA
   Special things about my Piggy... she is adorable for one, she will come to her name sometimes (if she is that kind of mood), she likes being on her leash and harness outside. She is a sweet little angel, she never bites, she loves anyone that will hold her and pet her. One of her favorite things to do is go outside in her harness and leash....she climbs the stairs, eats the grass, wheets at the people. When she gives me her "I wanna be free" look and hits her bells in her cage I let her run free in the apartment....but it is very hard to catch her. Pigglette recently got a cage-mate, another female guinea pig, her name is Flower (like the skunk from Bambi) and is only seven weeks old.

    Pigglette is starting to like her, Flower hasn't learned yet not to bite Pigglette, when she does bite her, Pigglette runs to the side of her cage for me to come and pick her up. The one thing Pigglette is most proud of is he fact that she can eat a whole carrot in an hour, and still be hungry for more!!! She likes to sleep in her lettuce sometimes when I first put it in her cage. Piggy is just a cute sweet little baby. Everyone that meets her loves her!!!

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