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May 20, 1999

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Roger, the Pet of the Day
Name: Roger
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mini French Lop-eared Rabbit
Home: Collegeville, Pennsylvania, USA
   This is my best bunny friend, Roger. Roger has been through so much in her eight years with me, that she deserves this honor greatly. Through illness and injury, two major surgeries and four relocations, her indomitable spirit and intelligence, as well as lots of love and care from us and the greatest vet in the galaxy, have helped her survive and beat the odds! (My vet-extraordinaire is Dr. Terry McGrath, of West Chester, PA, an exotics specialist and wonderful human being.)

    Yes, Roger is a girl. When I got her as a little bunny, the pet store said she was male, so I named her after the movie, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" About a year later, I was informed that He was a She. But the name just stuck. And it suits her. She's one feisty little female! Roger (or Raj, as we usually call her) is completely housebroken, and understands several commands, including: "lie down and relax," "give kisses," and "time for bed!" Of course, Raj only does what you ask if she's in the mood. And if she's not, it takes a lot more time and patience! She's caged while we're at work, for her own safety, but at night she's one of the family. Roger loves to climb to the top of the couch to relax, or lie on the floor next to me and watch TV... and chew the carpet. She has an obstacle course of tubes and platforms to play in and on, but when she settles down she is also a complete petting and snuggling junkie! And she loves to give and get nose kisses.

    Roger is a real people-bunny. Even large crowds don't frighten her! When we have a party, she hops around to meet everyone first and then stretches out in the middle of the room waiting to be petted. Just don't try to pick her up, or you'll see how fast those legs can sprint! She prefers the stability of her own feet, thank you. She now has a "baby" brother. A Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy named Murphy. She doesn't like him much. His sloppy kisses ruin her beautiful coat! But she tolerates him, and when he gets out of line, she bops him in the nose with her paws. Murphy knows "big" sister is the boss!

    You should see them together! In the morning, we go to "feed Rogie" together, and he sticks his head right in her cage and licks her face. And she rears up on her hind legs and bops him in the nose! Murphy tries so hard to befriend her. He eats the veggies that she drops out of her cage, nibbles on her hay, and lays right next to her cage to guard her. And she "rewards" him with growls and nose bops... The way she sees it, she was there first and he is one furry space invader! But, he respects her, and that's all that matters to us.

    Roger has been there through good times and bad -- with a nose nudge just when I needed one. There isn't anything we wouldn't do for her and we couldn't have asked for a better bunny in the whole world. She's simply the greatest. And today I wish to honor her, and wish her many more years of health and happiness.

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