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May 19, 1999

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Danish, the Pet of the Day
Name: Danish
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Quarter Horse
Home: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
   Danish was really green when we first got him but now he's not. He loves to eat a lot and once, when we were passing a bag of carrots, he grabbed them and started eating them, bag and all! It took us ten minutes to try to get the plastic out of his mouth and he was chewing with his mouth open so carrot pieces were flying everywhere!

    Back in October, 1998, my barn had a costume party and Danish won! We dressed him up as a crayon box and I went as a crayon with a few other people. Everyone was laughing because there was a hole in the box at his rear end so my mom put "built in sharpener!" We even put a big yellow cone hat over Danish's ears but he didn't mind! he looked so cute and funny!

    Danish is very playful and whenever you try to hold him, he pushes you out of his way really hard with his muzzle. I ride danish four times a week. He doesn't really have a favorite place, but I think he kinda likes it in the outdoor ring. His favorite treats are definitely carrots and sugar cubes.

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