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May 18, 1999

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Winter, the Pet of the Day
Name: Winter
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Sable-Pointed Silver Ferret
Home: Portland, Maine, USA
   This is Winter, one of our ferrets. She's a sable-pointed silver, also known as a Siamese, and she's just about eight months old. We live in Portland, Maine. Up until about two weeks ago, Winter was the best ferret anyone could hope for. She loves to give kisses and go for rides--on shoulders or in pockets. She's never nipped anyone in her life and she likes to meet strangers. Because she'll do anything for chopped dates (her favorite treat), she knows a couple of tricks--sit up and roll over. Any time we come into the room, she comes running, hoping for treats, or even just a cuddle.

    A couple of weeks ago, this sweet, cuddly little ferret decided to become a major nuisance. She's always liked to steal shoes, but they don't fit under the bed, so it wasn't a problem. Now she goes after anything plastic or rubber--the computer mouse, for example, which has tooth marks on it. She was really frustrated when the cord kept her from getting it off the desk! I've never had a ferret chew through a cord; I don't think the idea even occurs to them, which is a very good thing. And she keeps trying to hide the telephone under the bed.

    Although Winter's still nuts, she hasn't been destroying anything lately--largely because we've given her a couple of toys of her own: a gigapet and an old cordless phone. She drags them around all the time, and leaves the remote control alone. Winter also gets to go outside a lot, now that it's warm, so she's calming down the rest of the time. She's so much crazier than her sister Tess!

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