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May 16, 1999

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Holly and Edda, the Pet of the Day
Name: Holly, Edda
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Fancy Rats
Home: Kerava, Finland
   I've had various small critters as pets for the last ten years, but best of them all have always been rats. Rats are my favorites because they are very intelligent (well... that's what the scientists say - all rat-owners probably doubt this every now and then...), affectionate and really seem to enjoy human company. I let my rats run free in the house. They probably think it's Their House, them being little humans who sleep in my bed and eat from the fridge (as soon as one of the "slaves" cares to hear their beeping and comes open the door). One of my previous rats watched TV, too, sitting on someone's shoulder. Or maybe she just liked the company - who knows - but X-Files she never stayed to watch. Maybe it was too scary?

    Edda and Holly are sisters (from the same litter), and like most sisters, they are like night and day. Edda is a little brat, who is constantly getting into trouble, poking her nose everywhere and always where the action is. She runs and jumps and climbs, and loves playing with me. She "bites" at my fingers and jumps up and down like crazy if I tickle her. Holly, now, she's a real lady, a bit shy and never doing anything that is "below her class." She looks at Edda's bouncing in a cool way, as if thinking that she's definitely above such childishness (and then, when no-one is looking, she just might forget herself for a while and join Edda in a mock-fight). While Edda is making a mess of herself in the trash bin, Holly sits on the chair washing her pretty face and sending telepathic vibes: "Aren't I sweet?" And yes, you have to believe her. She is sweet, and so is Edda, and all rats I've had. Once you get over the thought of rats being dirty and awful (what most people seem to believe... well, for the first five minutes at least), you just have to love them. There couldn't be a better pet.

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