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May 15, 1999

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Nilla, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nilla
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lop Eared Bunny
Home: Lakeland, Minnesota, USA
   Nilla is a lop eared bunny (not sure of the exact breed because he was a gift after my first bunny died). He is about four years old, eight and a half pounds, and lives with me and my parents in our home. He is litter trained and is allowed almost total freedom throughout the house since he has his choice of two litter boxes. He has yet to fail using either one of them with proof by watching him run from one end of the house to the other just to jump into his unique toilets.

    Nilla is the Best naughty bunny I know of... he is naughty because he has a very strong independent personality that was developed before I accepted responsibility for him. He was three months old and was purchased from a pet store and therefore was not handled very much and did his best to avoid being handled when I first got him (i.e., he would run away just as you were about to touch him). He is also naughty because he will lunge at you while grunting if you are in his space when he doesn't want you to be or if you are in his space too long. He will try to bite you as well. He will get emotionally upset (obviously due to his heavier breathing - he has a very huffy puffy attitude.) He will chase the twenty-year-old cat around the house and bite her if she doesn't get away from him fast enough.

    He is the Best bunny because now, he practically begs for attention from others. If you are in the same room with him (which he makes sure that you are, because he follows you around... hoping you'll give him a snack), he will hop over to you and put his head near your hand for you to pet him and scratch his ears. If he knows that you are eating something to his liking, he can smell it a mile away and will come running after you and anxiously get's in your space to get a bite! He's very funny when it comes to that.

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